Where The Blues Has Got A Home - new music from Jeff Guerin

Well, here's the latest! Worked on this from January to December of 2008! Little bit by little bit. It's some tunes that I'd been plotting for a couple of years, some from previous works that I wanted to do differently and a few of my all-time favorites from other folks.

Once again, I've managed to do all the instrumentation on the CD! Yep, that's me on the guitars, fretless bass and drums! I also did everything with the Sony Acid 7 digital studio right here at home. That's why I could take my time with the whole thing.

Check out the samples - they're all short MP3's so they shouldn't take long to load. If you like what you hear and want the CD check out the bottom of the page!

Little Red Rooster - Howlin' Wolf
Slow Rain A Fallin' - Jeff Guerin
Where The Blues Has Got A Home - Jeff Guerin
She Ain't Receivin' - Jeff Guerin
Standin' In These Blues - Jeff Guerin
Cross Roads Blues - Robert Johnson
Gotta Get It Worked On - Delbert McClinton
Leave My Little Girl Alone - Stevie Ray Vaughn
Along The Bayou Way - Jeff Guerin
Would I Lie To You - Jeff Guerin
Sweet Melissa - The Allman Brothers Band

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